The Harlem Wizards return to Macon R-1; help raise $6,000

January 15, 2020

MACON, MO -- The Harlem Wizards made their third appearance at Macon R-1 on Sunday, January 12th, 2019. The event was put on by the Macon PTO. “We had 403 tickets sold and about 30 given out for free. PTO raised nearly $6,000 on the entire event including raffle tickets. It couldn’t have been successful without all of the help and support from the community. Special thanks to Melissa Hallowell, Rhonda Olson, Brenda Nelson, Stacy Quinn, Tanar Piland, Susan Hazen, and Macon Elementary Staff for all of the behind the scenes planning they assisted PTO parents with. They are real rock stars,” stated PTO President Deb Ziebarth.

The Harlem Wizards are a professional basketball team who look to entertain the crowd through tricks and a series of alley oops; with the final score being irrelevant. They began in New York in 1962 and since then, have traveled the country helping raise funds for public schools and nonprofits. “Last season alone playing in over 450 communities across the USA, while raising more than $3 million for schools and nonprofits.” - Harlem Wizards Website

“With the Chiefs Game and the weather, we were really pleased with the turnout. The Wizards are based out of Chicago but the players are from all over the US. We were their 2nd of four games in Missouri in the last week,” stated Ziebarth. Local Lift Cheerleaders also performed at the game.

Playing against the Wizards was an elite group of basketball players from Macon, comprised of school staff and community members. The head coach was Ryan Walker. From Macon Elementary was Donovan Edwards, Kim Winkler, Allison Kemp, Heather Mallett, Rhonda Olson, Alanna Oliver, Susan Hazen, and Brittany Formento. From Macon Middle School was Brennan Claas, and Joey Peterson. From Macon High School was Dale Davenport and Travis Mundahl. From the Macon Community was Matt Stieger, Eric Brown, Dale Reid, Demetre Hicks, Craig Hicks, Lonny Farrington, Adam Schetzler, and Cruz Tillman. The official for the evening was Shane Levett and the scorekeeper was Brenda Nelson.

C.A. Shoush Company of Macon, made and donated the t-shirts that the Macon players wore for the game.

Pictures provided to the paper by Macon Elementary 3rd Grade Teachers, Abbie Farrington, Brenda Nelson and Lori Nelson.

Headline picture: Macon Elementary Student Taegan Nelson with one of the Harlem Wizards.

Article written by Reporter Benjamin Nelson