Bidenomics-Sam Graves

by Sam Graves

Dear Friend,

Bidenomics isn’t working. When President Biden took office, the average price for a gallon of gas in this country was $2.38. Today, a gallon of gas will set you back $3.85 in some places.

A dollar here and a dollar there might not seem like much to the President, but those dollars add up—fast. That 62 percent increase in gas prices means instead of paying $38, families are now shelling out almost $60 to fill up a 16-gallon tank. If you drive a truck, that cost has gone from a little over $50 to nearly $90 a tank.

That’s bad enough, but when you pile on the rising cost of groceries, skyrocketing interest rates, and everything else, it makes it more and more difficult for families to make ends meet. The cost of everything has gone up more than 15 percent since President Biden stepped into the Oval Office. The only thing that hasn’t gone up? Paychecks.

For the first time in nearly a decade, prices are rising faster than wages. It’s been that way for the entirety of the Biden presidency. His reckless and wasteful spending on Green New Deal nonsense, welfare, and handouts has blown an enormous hole in the deficit and piled on the federal debt. As we all know, when the deficit goes up, inflation goes up, and the value of our dollar plummets.

That’s the real legacy of Bidenomics—making it harder and harder for everyday Americans to make ends meet while green energy special interests are up to their eyeballs in taxpayer cash.

Instead of running around like a traveling snake-oil salesman trying to convince everyone how great "Bidenomics" is, maybe he should take some time to listen to how real Americans are struggling. It's long past time for the President to stop talking and start listening. Folks who don't live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue aren't doing so well under "Bidenomics."


Sam Graves