FosterAdopt Connect: “Kansas and Missouri Facing Foster Care Crisis”

March 20, 2023

FosterAdopt Connect: “Kansas and Missouri Facing Foster Care Crisis”

Thousands of children are currently awaiting foster placements in both states with nowhere to go.

KANSAS CITY, MO — The word “crisis” can sometimes be overused, but when it comes to the gap between youth in foster care and the number of available foster homes, the reality is shocking. Reports from Missouri Children’s Division show that there are close to 13,500 youth in state custody, but only about 5,000 licensed foster homes in the state. In Kansas, the Department of Children and Families reports more than 6,200 youth in state custody, but only about 2,400 available foster homes.

“It’s devastating to know that so many youth who have been removed from their homes do not have a loving family to live with,” says Lori Ross, founder and CEO of FosterAdopt Connect. “We have the privilege of licensing, equipping, and supporting foster parents all over the region, but there aren’t nearly enough of them to care for all of the kids who need homes.”

Though solutions exist to house youth in state custody such as residential care and group homes, outcomes are always better when kids have a family specifically dedicated to loving, guiding, and nurturing them. Older youth who age out of state custody without family connections face a mountain of obstacles. Statistically, 20% experience instant homelessness, 42% will be convicted of a crime, and 70% of girls become pregnant by age 21. FosterAdopt Connect firmly believes that more people in our communities can be a part of the solution than they think.

“Many people think that they have to be perfect to be a foster parent, but that’s thankfully not the case,” Ross says. “If you have space in your home and heart to care for youth who need a loving, temporary family, you could be the difference between them living a happy life or one full of hardship. And we will be with you every step of the way with resources, support, and community connections.”

FosterAdopt Connect is committed to leading the charge to train foster parents and stand with them as they care for youth in our communities. Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent should visit or call 816-350-0215.


About FosterAdopt Connect

FosterAdopt Connect actively monitors the changing needs of foster and adopted children and families within the community to identify gaps in available services. To fill these gaps, the non-profit social services organization searches internationally for best practices to implement, and if none are available, creates innovative solutions to improve outcomes for the children and families served.