Protecting Family Farms-Sam Graves

June 22, 2022

Dear Friend,

Nancy Pelosi and her liberal pals voted against banning the EPA from regulating livestock “emissions.” Yes, you read that right. They voted against stopping the EPA from making rules to limit burps and farts from cattle and hogs.

Back in 2019, when the Green New Deal first came out, everyone called me crazy for sounding the alarm that some leftwing extremists in Washington wanted to get rid of airplanes and farting cows. It sounded far-fetched at the time, but now it’s the road they’re all marching down.

Take the recent proposal by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require every publicly-traded company in America to file a “climate disclosure” including all emissions “upstream or downstream… in its value chain.” That sounds innocent enough, but in practice it would require farmers that do business with these companies to account and report all their emissions, including from livestock.

That’s ridiculous. Most farmers I know don’t have a huge compliance department like big corporations do to meet these requirements. This is just a roundabout way to cut small family farms out of the market and drive even more consolidation in the agriculture industry.

I keep hearing all these liberals and progressives talk about how important family farms are, but I was always taught that actions speak louder than words. What I’m seeing are a bunch of actions that are devastating to family farms.

These attempts to regulate emissions, to revive something like the old Obama-EPA WOTUS rule, to tax family farms to death and then tax them some more do nothing to fix the problems that small family farms are facing today.

These are just poorly-disguised attacks on the men and women working endless hours to feed our country and the world.


Sam Graves