Keep Your Family Safe Outdoors this Summer with These Tips

June 22, 2022

Keep Your Family Safe Outdoors this Summer with These Tips

Ameren Missouri shares safety tips for extreme heat and severe weather
– Summer fun is in full swing, but since June is National Safety Month, it is also a good time to remember some important tips to keep yourself and your family safe outside this summer.

“Our Missouri summers get very hot and humid, as we’ve seen this past week with triple-digit temperatures,” said Ryan Arnold, vice president of division operations at Ameren Missouri. “We keep our crews safe during extreme heat by taking frequent breaks, seeking shade when possible and staying well-hydrated, and we want to remind any customers who are spending time outdoors to do the same.”

Stay safe in extreme heat by keeping these tips in mind:

When working in the heat, drink 8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes.

Take breaks in the shade or indoors to avoid overexertion.

Wear sunscreen and reapply at least every two hours or sooner, especially when sweating or swimming.

Wear cool, light, loose clothing and consider UPF clothes for added UV protection.

Summer humidity can also lead to severe thunderstorms which may knock down power lines. Ameren Missouri warns people to never go near a downed line:

Never touch downed lines and keep kids and pets out of the yard.

Do not try to remove tree limbs or other objects from a downed line.

If you are in the car and there is a power line on the road, do not drive over the line and do not get out of your car. Call 911 for help.

On those nice summer days when you and your family are spending more time outside swimming and gardening, be aware of potential electrical safety issues in your yard:

Keep electrical items, such as speakers that are plugged in, away from pools and sprinklers. Do not touch anything electrical when wet.

Use only outdoor extension cords outside which can withstand moisture, sun damage and temperature flux.

When plugging in portable fans on your porch or inside your house, do not overload the extension cord, power strip or outlet. This can cause them to overheat, which can create a shock or fire.

Do not trim trees near electrical lines. Call a certified professional to do this safely.

“Summer is a great time to make memories with family and friends, and we hope these reminders help everyone have a safe, enjoyable summer,” said Arnold.