Bevier Track at Milan

April 26, 2021

Bevier Track at Milan

Bevier’s Middle School and High School teams competed at Cal Hubbard field at Milan on 4/21/21. 13 schools competed that day and Bevier’s teams finished in this fashion.

Varsity Girls - 6th place

Varsity Boys - 3rd place

Junior High Girls - 9th place

Junior High Boys - 3rd place

Scoring for Bevier:

Junior High Girls:

Sophia Brower: 4th Place - 800 M Run; 7th Place - 100 M Hurdles;

Audrina Lagermann: 7th Place - 800 M Run;

Karli Moore: 6th Place - Shot Put; 3rd Place - Discus;

4 x 200 M Relay: 6th Place: Audrina Lagermann, Kayden Papadopoulos; Sophia Brower, Addalyn Parks

Junior High Boys:

Ashton Carpenter-Belcher: 3rd Place - 100 M Dash; 3rd Place - 200 M Dash; 6th Place - Long Jump

Blake Williams: 1st Place - 400 M Dash; 2nd Place - Triple Jump; 2nd Place - Discus;

Dakotah Shott: 7th Place - 400 M Dash; 7th Place - Shot Put;

Jaden Ferguson: 3rd Place - 800 M Run; 4th Place - 100 M Hurdles;

Sawyer Mason: 8th Place - 100 M Hurdles

4 x 200 M Relay: 2nd Place: Dakotah Shott, Jaden Ferguson, Blake Williams, Ashton Carpenter-Belcher

Varsity Girls:

Jerzey Allen: 2nd Place - 100 M Dash; 2nd Place - 100M Hurdles; 3rd Place - Long Jump; 3rd Place - Triple Jump

Sicily Fredman: 5th Place - 300 M Hurdles; 4th Place - High Jump;

Madelyn Chiarottino: 6th Place - 800 M Run;

Alana Fesler: 6th Place - Shot Put; 3rd Place - Discus

Kahlan Nessler: 6th Place - Discus

4 x 800 M Relay: 4th Place - Lanie Witt, Alana Fesler, Sicily Fredman, Madelyn Chiarottino

Varsity Boys:

Xzaver Ford: 5th Place - 100 M Dash; 4th Place - 200 M Dash; 4th Place - Long Jump;

Garet Chiarottino: 1st Place - 800 M Run;

Devin Sumpter: 6th Place - 300 M Hurdles;

Caleb Rhoads: 1st Place - High Jump; 2nd Place - Triple Jump; 3rd Place - Shot Put

Mikael Wriedt: 6th Place - Discus; 8th Place - Shot Put

Landen Teter: 8th Place - Discus

4 x 200 M Relay: 3rd Place - Xzaver Ford; Devin Sumpter, Caleb Rhoads, Garet Chiarottino