Macon County Clerk concludes recount in Macon City Council race

by Benjamin Nelson

MACON, MO -- The Macon County Clerk's Office recounted the ballots twice in the election for Ward 3 City Councilman in the City of Macon. Both recounts upheld the originally reported unofficial total of 23 votes for both Chris Walk and Jeff Skjeveland from Tuesday's General Municipal Election. The clerk's office will be submitting their results to the Secretary of State in Jefferson City for official certification. Once the results are certified, the City of Macon will move forward pursuant to sate statute in breaking the tie. Missouri State Statute 115.517 pertains to the procedure of reporting and breaking a tie in a general election. Section 3 and 4 of that statute provides the procedure in which will be followed for this specific instance. A special election can be called or if both candidates agree, a drawing can take place to break the tie. In the summer of 2020, a similar situation took place in the election for Macon R-1 School Board. Both Kevin Linear and Eric Brown received the same amount of votes. Both Brown and Linear agreed to a drawing where Kevin Linear's name was randomly drawn from a bowl and the tie was broken.

To view the state statute in reference, click on the following link: