The Crossing helps relieve $43 million of medical debt

by Benjamin C. Nelson

COLUMBIA, MO — A church in Columbia, Missouri, The Crossing, partnered with RIP Medical Debt, cancelled out $43 million dollars of medical debt held by Missourians all across Mid-Missouri. Their efforts and donations reached a total of 31 counties including Macon County. Those who had their debt relieved, will be receiving a letter in the mail saying so. Members of the The Crossing donated well over $400,000 for the partnership with RIP Medical Debt - 1 cent on the dollar pays off $100 of medical debt. The names of those who had their debt alleviated, will not be known, unless they contact the church. RIP Medical Debt has aided in relieving over 700 million dollars of medical debt held by Americans.

The Church cites Jesus sacrificing himself for the forgiveness of our sins, as their biggest reason behind this initiative in helping cancelling debt of Missourians.

“Imagine someone opening up that debt-forgiveness letter and asking, “Why? I don’t deserve this.” Do you know what we would like to say in response? “Neither do we.” None of us deserved to have Jesus pay our spiritual debt. None of us deserved to be freed at the cost of his life. But he did it anyway. So now we give out of the wealth he’s given us to set others free from debt—whether it’s financial or spiritual. Sometimes people think churches are so focused on heaven that they forget about life on earth. That’s probably a fair critique sometimes. But at The Crossing, we don’t think heaven and earth are opposed interests. So we’re burdened for the materially poor… and the poor in spirit. We hurt for those shouldering financial debts… and those shouldering a debt of guilt. We want to care for the sick… and those who are sick with sin. We hope today is small Jubilee for Mid-Missouri. A small appetizer of what happens when heaven and earth are brought together. So if anyone asks why we wanted to do this, the answer is very simple. Jesus did it for us. Now he’s freed us to do it for others,” - stated the church on their website.

The Church also discusses the tradition of Jubilee in ancient Israel in which, “As crazy as it sounds something like this happened every fifty years in ancient Israel. It was called the Jubilee. A day of liberation. Debts forgiven. Indentured servants released. Mortgaged property returned. And on this same day everyone’s sins were forgiven—even spiritual debts get paid off. Our English word, “jubilation,” comes from this day. And anyone can see why: if you were poor, indebted, or oppressed, then the Jubilee was a day for Jubilation.”

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