Loch Haven is not scheduled to close if tax levy fails - CLOSURE COULD BE A POSSIBILITY

by Macon Home Press Staff

MACON, MO -- On June 20th, 2019 the Moberly Monitor released an article titled, "Macon nursing home set to close if Aug. levy fails." The article has been shared over 250 times on social media while rendering dozens of comments and reactions. The day prior, the Home Press featured a front page press release titled, "Loch Haven Nursing Home to close if proposed levy fails." The title of the press release was not crafted by the Home Press, but by Ralph Thomas (a citizen who attended the County Republican Meeting). That press release in the Home Press was submitted to the paper by Thomas after the County Republicans met on June 13th - that meeting featured the committee on the nursing home tax proposal. The article by Thomas was sent via email to the Home Press, Jane Thompson (Vice President of the Macon County Republican Club), the Trenton Newspaper, Milan Newspaper, Kirksville Newspaper, Brookfield Newspaper, Shelbina Newspaper, Chillicothe Newspaper, and finally, the Moberly Newspaper (Moberly Monitor). Erik Cliburn, writer of the Moberly Monitor, stated that the email sent to his paper prompted him to look into the matter further. Cliburn also stated that during his interview with Kelsey Hinshaw and Jace Weber, neither individual stated that the nursing home is set or even scheduled to close if the tax levy fails in August.

After looking into this matter further, we are here to report exactly what we have found out. When asked specifically on whether or not Loch Haven Nursing Home is set or scheduled to close if the levy fails in August, Kelsey Hinshaw who is the Loch Haven Administrator, stated that closure could be an option, but that Loch Haven is not scheduled to close. In the article by Thomas pertaining to the County Republican meeting, it is stated that both Jace Weber and Kelsey Hinshaw stated specifically at the meeting, "if the levy does not pass -- Loch Haven will close." Hinshaw has stated that the quote featured in that article is a misquote. "If the levy fails, the first major maintenance problem may cause the nursing home to close. The board meets regularly and would discuss options at the time," added Kelsey Hinshaw.

The article sent to the paper by Ralph Thomas titled, “Loch Haven Nursing Home to close if proposed levy fails,” is stated in it's entirety, "The Macon County Republican Club held their June 13, 2019 meeting with a presentation by Jace Weber, Macon County Nursing Home District Board member and Loch Haven Senior Living Community Director Kelsey Hinshaw, on the tax levy increase for the Macon County Nursing Home District that will be on the August 6, 2019 ballot. The proposed increase of the current tax levy from 14 cents to 35 cents is the first tax levy increase ever for the not for profit district county nursing home. Both Weber and Hinshaw stated, “If the levy does not pass -- Loch Haven will close.” The levy increase failed on the April 2, 2019 election by a vote of 804-1009. Republican Club President John Kern presided at the meeting, held at the Macon Apple Basket restaurant and announced 8th District State Representative Remole has met term limits and a new Republican candidate will be running. President Kern stated the next meeting will be an ice cream and cake social July 18th, 6:00 pm at the Macon Fairground Floral Hall."

Kelsey Hinshaw and Jace Weber submitted a press release to us tonight,

"To the voters of the Macon County Nursing Home District-Loch Haven, the levy for building maintenance has not been increased in 50 years. The cost of the maintenance for the building has been astronomical in the past few years. If there is a major event with the heating or cooling systems, quick measures will take place, as there are no funds to replace those units. At this point, operating funds are day to day. Multiple staffing adjustments and cuts have been made to the home, while maintaining excellent nursing care. The increase in the levy would ensure more funds to care for the aging building. Please attend a public meeting or contact Jace Weber, VP Board of Directors or Kelsey Hinshaw, Administrator."

The Macon Home Press will be featuring this article in all of our papers. The Home Press, Kelsey Hinshaw and Jace Weber will be sitting down for a Public Town Hall on July 22nd, 2019 at 7 P.M. in the Macon Middle School Gym, regarding the tax proposal. The Town Hall is open to the public.

In March of 2018, the Home Press released an article highlighting the financial state of the nursing home. To view that article, click on the following link:https://www.maconhomepress.com/articles/2403/view