Macon Wrestling-Father Tolton Quad Results

by Andrew Stewart

Macon: 51 Father Tolton: 16

Dominick Mitchell (Macon) over Carson Atkins (Father Tolton) by Fall 1:18

#6, Augustus Davis (Macon) over Nick Gibbons (Father Tolton) by Fall 0:37

Max Cook (Macon) over #5, Conner Fogue (Father Tolton) by Dec. 5-2

#3, Caden Phillips (Macon) over #4, Monroe Mills (Father Tolton) by Fall 4:44

Fatima: 42 Macon: 32

Brady Moots (Macon) over Luke Schroder (Fatima) by Fall 1:54

Lucas Bramer (Macon) over Scott Sankey (Fatima) by Dec. 6-2

#6, Augustus Davis (Macon) over Jason Woodruff (Fatima) by Tech Fall 4:25, 18-2

Max Cook (Macon) over Conner Temmen (Fatima) by Fall 3:08

Macon: 45 Tipton: 30

Dominick Mitchell (Macon) over Nakoda Savage (Tipton) by Fall 2:37

#6, Augustus Davis (Macon) over Daniel Sutton (Tipton) by Fall 1:24

Max Cook (Macon) over Levi Bryant (Tipton) by Fall 0:57

#3, Caden Phillips (Macon) over Ian Clifford (Tipton) by Fall 0:08 *school record

Trace Brown (Macon) over Blake Kugler (Tipton) by Fall 0:53

Chandlar Pickens (Macon) over Jadelyn Woolery (Tipton) by Dec. 12-11

Brennan Moots (Macon) over David Sutton (Tipton) by Fall 0:09

Our next meet is at home on January 22nd @ 6pm. We will be hosting Centralia and Hallsville.