Kristen Burks, Democrat Turn Independent - Discusses Why


In 2014, then Democrat Kristen Burks, made a run for Macon County Associate Judge, losing to Republican Incumbent Judge Philip Prewitt - merely losing by 2.2%. This go-round, she is running as an Independent. We reached out to Attorney Burks and asked her if she could discuss why she started out as a Democrat in 2014, ending up as an Independent in 2018.

Her response is as follows:

"In truth, I did not switch parties. I am running as as an independent candidate. From what I understand, I am the first independent candidate to seek a judicial office in Macon County.

A judge must be apolitical and impartial. That is not my opinion. That principle is written into the The Code of Judicial Conduct. The Code requires that judges and judicial candidates act in a way that promotes the “independence, integrity and impartiality” of the judiciary. This notion of independence and impartiality does not fit well into our political traditions, or the current political climate. Maybe that is a good thing. The public should be confident that a judge is impartial, and guided by the law alone.

Seeking office without a political party has allowed me to focus on my experience in the courtroom and job performance. I have been welcomed to events hosted by both parties in Macon County, and I have received support from members of both parties. As I have been going door to door all over the the county, so many voters have told me they really do focus on which person is best for the job, not the political party. I believe what they tell me, and I believe that an independent, impartial judiciary is what Macon County deserves.

Yours truly,


November 6th, in the 2018 General Election, Attorney Independent Kristen Burks will be facing off with Republican Incumbent Judge Philip Prewitt for the Macon County Associate Circuit Judge.