Hollywood Star Attending Springfield Trump Rally


Joy Villa, a Hollywood Star, is attending the Make America Great Again Rally in Springfield, Missouri today. Villa made waves when she wore a dress sporting the President's Campaign Slogan, "Make America Great Again" on the Red Carpet at the Grammy's in 2017.

When asked why she supports the President, Villa stated, "He's incredible. He has energized America, the American Dream, and the American People. He stands for less government, for life, for our law-enforcement and with those basic conservative values, he has been able to keep those promises he made on the campaign trail. I trust him to lead this country. Promises made, promises kept."

When asked if she received backlash when she wore her "Trump Dress" during the Grammy's, Villa stated, "Absolutely. I received death threats, well documented death threats. I had friends and family act like they disown me. They felt ashamed. It was all a bunch of liberal tears."

When asked if she thinks President Trump will win in 2020, Villa stated, "Heck yeah. Look at all these people in this arena. No doubt he will win."

President Trump is set to take the stage at 6:30 P.M. with Attorney General Josh Hawley in an effort to encourage voters to turn out and vote for Hawley (Republican) in the contested Missouri US Senate race against Democratic Senator, Claire McCaskill, in November.