California Native and Clarence Area Resident, Darin Eleazarraraz, Appointed to Shelby County R-lV School Board


After the resignations of Nathaniel Schoonover and Jarrell Foreman on the Shelby County R-lV School Board during this past summer, after advertising for several weeks in the local newspapers of the openings, the board held open interviews of roughly six individuals publicly for the possible replacements. This past Monday the Shelby County R-lV School Board officially picked and appointed the two replacements - Amy Harre and Darin Eleazarraraz of Clarence were appointed and sworn in at the monthly meeting.

Statement from Darin Eleazarraraz:

"Darin Eleazarraraz (El-uh-zar-us, we get asked this all the time)

Married to Staci Eleazarraraz

Father of four, including Zoie, Sofia, Ava and Trei

I grew up in Fremont, California, but I knew I wanted to experience a different environment than what the Bay Area had to offer. I attended college, at what is now known as Missouri Western University, and met my future wife, Staci. We moved to the area in 2008, living in Macon before moving to our home outside of Clarence. From the start, we were warmly welcomed into Shelby County and were extremely impressed by both the environment the school district provided our children as well as the family culture it embodied. I thoroughly believe the future is with our youth and enjoy witnessing the school’s student-centered culture that stresses the importance of teaching and learning. I’ve gained experience as a member of numerous civic boards, including Macon County Rotary Club, Macon County Economic Development Board as well as a Ministry Team Leader, Deacon and Treasurer of my church. I have been employed with Chariton Valley for the past 5 years, currently as the Marketing Supervisor. I feel my experience and skills qualify me to be a valuable member of the school board, and I look forward to contributing to the already great team!

To all members of the Shelby County R-IV School community, I am honored to represent each of you as a member of the school board. I don't take this position lightly, and while I understand that I was appointed to represent the community, I intend to do my best to continue to provide the best educational opportunities for our youth!

Cardinal Pride!"

Side Note: Darin was also just chosen as "Person of the Month" here at the Macon Home Press