Conservative outsider, businesswoman, Christian, wife, mother and grandmother, Cindy O'Laughlin from Shelbina, Missouri, defeated three seasoned officials in the August 7th Primary seeking the Republican Nomination for Missouri's 18th District State Senator. Garnering roughly 37% of the vote in the district wide primary, O'Laughlin defeated three State Representatives, Craig Redmon, Lindell Shumake, and Nate Walker. Her biggest winner was Shelby County (where she resides) picking up 59% of the vote. Being one of the owners of O'Laughlin Inc. which is a concrete company, Cindy believes she can bring some of those same fiscal conservative values that she has used with her business, to Jefferson City if elected in November. As a business owner, Mrs. O'Laughlin has stated that she understands the necessity of getting government out of the pocket-books of small business owners, and regular day tax payers. O'Laguhlin also backs the idea of getting the next generation of high school graduates interested in "Trade-Schools" due to the high-demand of jobs in the skilled labor field (construction, welding, etc.). Mrs. O'Laughlin believes that the people of the 18th district are the biggest asset, "here in Northeast Missouri, we have people who know how to take the initiative and thrive, despite the challenges. They do it with humor and grace. I believe that in Northeast Missouri, you can catch a rare glimpse of the American spirit in its purest forum: that of a hardy people, unafraid of hard work, who help one another, and recognizes that our help comes from God, and not the government," stated Cindy.

Cindy O'Laughlin's statement after clinching the nomination:

"I want to thank the voters for their confidence in me and I'd also like to thank my opponents for a spirited race. My efforts in this race started with travelling the 14 county area listening to voters and their concerns and I will continue on that path. The best way to determine the needs of the area is to simply ask voters and then listen to their answers. That's what I will be doing during this interim period before the general election."

Republican Cindy O'Laughlin will be facing Democrat Crystal Stephens in the November Election. The winner will become Missouri's 18th District State Senator.

**We will have two articles of each candidate in-depth, closer to the election.