RELEASED QUESTIONS - 18th District State Senate Forum (O'Laughlin, Walker, Shumake, Redmon, and Stephens to Participate)

July 06, 2018

As promised, we stated that we would release two questions one week ahead of the State Senate Forum, being held at the Macon Middle School Gym on July 12th (6;30). All candidates (both Democrat and Republicans) have agreed to participate. The questions are basic questions, but given to the candidates to develop a decent answer. All other questions are specific on policy and political ideology and will be asked on the spot, at the forum.

The questions being released are:

1. If you could pick one amendment from the US Constitution, and consider it as a "Keystone Amendment", what would it be and why?

2. James Madison focuses a lot about "State Rights" in the Federalist Papers - specifically Federalist Paper #45 - (while talking about the newly proposed Constitution). Why do you think he did that? Are "State Rights" important and why?