THE MEAT BILL - What is it? Munzlinger, Remole, Redmon, Shumake, and Walker Provide Statements


At the end of April, the Missouri House of Representatives, passed a measure which would allow Missourians to know if the meat they are consuming is "real-meat" or not. This bill would force companies that make lab-grown meat products or substitutes to clearly label that their product does not contain real-meat - likewise, other producers would also have to label their product if it contains real-meat. Missouri would be the first State in the Union to take such measures - similar measures like the French Government took in Europe. Missouri's top Agriculture Organizations and Associations like Missouri Pork Producer's, Missouri Cattlemen's and the Missouri Farm Bureau are all supporting this bill. Many farmers and ranchers throughout the state see this as an opportunity to protect and grow the Missouri Agriculture Industry, simply because people want to know where their food comes from and the authenticity of what it is labeled as - plus, many officials are saying that Missourians should know if their food is cooked up in a lab or if it's natural.

Facts provided by the Plant Based Food Association; 36 percent of consumers purchase plant-based meat substitutes. That figure jumps to 60 percent when it comes to millennial's.

I reached out to Missouri State Senator Brian Munzlinger, State Representatives Remole, Redmon, Shumake, and Walker for statements regarding the Meat Bill.

"I believe that it is important to the consumer to understand exactly what they are buying regarding meat and meat products. This legislation clarifies these definitions, therefore providing the information they deserve." - Missouri State Representative Lindell Shumake (5th District)

"The meat bill has caught attention across the state. Many may never have heard of it, but since it is coming to a vote you may be asking what it's all about. If it's meat it's meat, if it's not it's not. That's the quickest way to explain it. We have producers of products that ground up vegetables, soybeans, and other ingredients and pass it off as meat. The meat bill simply clarifies that in packaging these products, they cannot be marketed as meat. Meat is clarified as meat coming from an animal. The consumer has a right to know what they are eating. The opposition to the bill say the consumer should know better. My opinion and why I support the bill is because the consumer should know the product they are buying and eating." - Missouri State Representative Tim Remole (6th District)

“Farmers and ranchers are facing a new threat from companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat that are misrepresenting the animal agricultural industry and deceivably labeling their plant-based food products as meat. These products are not your typical veggie burger; they are lab-created protein compounds that cook and taste similarly, and even “bleed” like real meat. Missouri legislature has proposed a bill that will prohibit misrepresentation of a product as meat if it is not derived from production livestock or poultry. This legislation intends to protect Missouri consumers and put an end to misconceptions about Missouri’s animal agricultural industry. As farmers, we are not raising chickens and labeling them kale at point of sale. Perhaps plant-based protein producers could create original product labeling without undermining the integrity of our livelihood and our product.” - Missouri State Senator Brian Munzlinger (18th District)

“House Committee Bill 16, was an omnibus pro-agriculture bill that included a provision that would prevent the misrepresentation of meat. I supported this legislation, currently, no person advertising, offering for sale, or selling a carcass may engage in any misleading or deceptive practice including misrepresenting the cut, grade, brand or trade name, or weight or measure of any product. The legislation also prohibit misrepresenting a product as meat that is not derived from harvested. As a farmer I understand the importance of making sure our farm products are not misrepresented and/or mislabeled as something that they are not. Missouri is leading the way with the so called Misrepresentation of Meat legislation which has wide support from the major Missouri Ag Commodities groups. I believe that my constituents need to know what they think they are purchasing is exactly that. This legislation is a strong pro-consumer bill as well. This bill overwhelmingly passed the full House of Representatives by a 107 to 38 vote last week. It now goes to the Missouri State Senate for their consideration. I strongly support it.” - Missouri State Representative Nate Walker (3rd District)

"The Meat Bill is very important to protect the hard work of our neighbors and friends who raise livestock. I'm glad Missouri is leading the way in trying to protect these industry's from misleading advertising practices." - Missouri State Representative Craig Redmon (4th District)