School Redistricting Petition in Shelby County - VERIFIED (by County Clerk)


On the first page of the publicly released petition, the office of the Shelby County Clerk stated that they have verified all signatures on the petition - including the required number of signatures for this petition. There are two petitions, one in Shelby County and one in Macon County; both looking to redistrict the Shelby County R-lV and Macon R-1 School District. For the redistricting proposal to reach the voters on a ballot, both petitions must be verified in each county. With the petition in Shelby County officially verified, all that is left is the petition in Macon County to be verified. The Macon County Petition was served to Macon R-1 Superintendent Scott Jarvis several weeks ago. Jarvis is set to officially present the petition to the Macon R-1 School Board at their monthly meeting on April 17th (6 P.M. at the School). The School Board will officially recognize and acknowledge the petition - shortly after, will submit it to the Macon County Clerk's Office for verification. If the correct number of signatures is on the petition and the signatures are verified, then the petition itself will be verified - forcing the proposal of redistricting onto the ballot in which voters in both districts will cast their votes (most likely in August).

For the full 20+ pages of the Shelby County Petition and all that it entails, it is public information, please visit the Shelby County Courthouse.