February 10, 2018

Specifics and the location of the Macon Mayoral Candidate Forum are being released with this article. Have you ever seen a Presidential Debate? The format will be very similar to this forum! Mayor Dale Bagley and James T. Holman will have 2-3 minutes for an opening and a closing statement. Moving forward, Moderator Ben Nelson will ask questions on the spot for the candidates to answer. Each candidate will receive the same amount of questions and time to answer those questions, however, some questions will be different in format; as both candidates are two different people, have been involved in different things, and obviously have held different positions and or jobs. Questions could pertain to anything from the fiscal state of Macon, education, their favorite color (funny questions like that), and of course, perhaps a few questions about certain issues and their opinions on them! Obviously there could be questions about topics that aren't listed in the previous sentence. This forum is not in the format of a town-hall. The public will not be allowed to ask questions. The discussion will be between the two candidates and the moderator. Candidates ARE NOT allowed to have any information (facts or statistics) with them at the forum - they are also not allowed to have any coaches or assistance from any person. The forum will last roughly for an hour. With questions being formulated as of now, I can assure you, there will be some very tough questions for both candidates - questions that I will not allow anyone to beat around the bush. One week before the forum, one or two questions will be released to the candidates to allow them to be very specific with their answers at the forum - the questions given to both candidates will be exactly the same. Finally, candidates will have the opportunity to be seated, but can walk around in a designated area during the forum.

Speaking to Macon R-1 Athletic Director, the forum will be held in the Macon Middle School Gym (providing ample seating for the public) on February 26th at seven in the evening. The forum will also be broadcasted LIVE on Facebook for those that won't be able to attend! I ENCOURAGE anyone who has questions or information pertinent to the forum and or the candidates to PLEASE, reach out to me! My email is bcncvc@mail.missouri.edu and my cell phone is 660-591-3021! Please contact me!