February 07, 2018

Save the date! February 26th, 2018 at approximately seven in the evening, Incumbent Dale Bagley and Businessman James T. Holman (Talt), will sit down with Home Press writer Benjamin Nelson and discuss the Mayoral Race taking place and answer questions in an impromptu/extemporaneous style. Both candidates have agreed to participate and look forward to discussing the issues at hand and making their case to the people of Macon. This forum will take place in a neutral setting in the city of Macon - location TBD. However, the discussion will be LIVE on Facebook and will allow the citizens of Macon to get a raw look at the two candidates! More information about location, possible public seating, and most importantly the set-up of the discussion will be released at a later date! If you have any questions that you would like to be asked, Nelson will be taking them for the next week and a half. Please email him at or text him at 660-591-3021.