by Benjamin C. Nelson

Just yesterday, it seemed like America and those that call her home, were drug through a nasty and very divisive election cycle; mainly between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the high-stakes 2016 Presidential Election. With Republicans controlling every branch of the government, even a small majority in the Senate and on the bench of the Supreme Court, many pundits, political parties, and candidates, are looking to the 2018 Mid-Terms held in November, to revenge their losses after licking their wounds for over a year or, even with some, to expand their majority in American Government. One of the most high-stake races will be right here in Missouri. Missourians will be deciding on whether to oust sitting Senator Claire McCaskill, or hand her another victory. President Donald Trump has visited Missouri several times since being inaugurated, to announce his tax plan, which for the most part, was passed by Congress weeks later after the visits. Most pundits have claimed that the President’s trips to the Show Me State was for one reason only; to take shots at Senator McCaskill and to throw his support toward the likely Republican Senatorial Candidate, newly elected Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley. Attorney General Hawley is looking to make sure a Republican joins Senator Roy Blunt (who is also a Republican), as Missouri’s two US Senators. Senator Roy Blunt defeated former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, in the 2016 Elections. Nationwide, there are some other seemingly similar elections where an Incumbent Democrat is trying to hold on while running in states that President Donald Trump overwhelmingly defeated Hillary Clinton a little over a year ago. Montana, Indiana, Florida, and Missouri are just a few to mention. However, in the very controversial Alabama Special Senate Election several months ago, for the first time in several decades a Democrat, Doug Jones, defeated a Republican, Roy Moore, handing the Democrat’s a much needed seat in the US Senate, as well as, helping them build up momentum ahead of the mid-terms. Mr. Moore lost the election after swarming allegations of Sexual Misconduct had arose throughout the campaign, as well as, a very questionable past serving as Judge in the Alabama Supreme Court. Mr. Moore also made bombastic remarks about minorities and those in the LGBT Community. As you can see, 2018 nonetheless, will be packed full of political ads and full of surprises and heated discussions, across the nation.

Now to focus on several big decisions those in Macon have in 2018, the citizens of Macon will be voting to elect people into several positions in City Government during the April General Municipal Election. Directly from the Office of the City Clerk, thus far, those that have filed to be on the ballot are, Jerry Thompson (for Fourth Ward Councilman), Ernie Lea (for First Ward Councilman), Jerold Carr (for Third Ward Councilman), Rebecca Sims (for Collector), and Dale Bagley (for Mayor). Again, these are the individuals that have filed so far, as the deadline for filing has not been reached. For any inquiries about qualifications or filing, please contact the City Office at 660-385-6421. A future article will be published about the candidates, once filing closes!


That gives a little less than two weeks for those interested in running on the ballot this April Election, to file at the Macon City Office! Again, if you are interested in running, you have less than two weeks to toss your hat into the ring. To file, visit the Macon City Office.