7 New COVID-19 Cases in Macon County

July 28, 2020

COVID-19 Update

(Macon County, MO) Macon County Health Department announces 7 new

positive COVID-19 cases. These new cases were not from the mass testing

performed by the National Guard on July 20. 3 of these cases were from over

the weekend and 4 from Monday July 27. Macon County’s total is now 55

cases with 9 of those being active cases. There was a delay in announcing

these new cases due to the health department’s investigation to verify case

information. Contact investigations are still ongoing.

On Monday July 20 the National Guard performed mass testing on Missouri

residents at the Macon County. Macon County Health Department has

received 125 results from the National Guard’s testing with 2 new positive

cases from those results which were announced last week.

It is anticipated that cases in Macon County will continue to grow. The best

safeguards anyone can take to prevent getting COVID-19 are social distancing

when in public, wearing a face mask especially when social distancing cannot

be met or when in large crowds, practicing good hand hygiene, and routine

disinfecting of common touch surfaces.