"Thank a nurse. Thank a doctor. Thank a paramedic." -- Remole provides update regarding COVID-19

by Benjamin Nelson

MACON, MO -- On March 31st, the Macon Home Press interviewed Republican State Representative, Tim Remole of the 6th District, regarding COVID-19. When asked about what efforts he is involved in to ensure county health officials are receiving the equipment and resources they need to combat the virus, Mr. Remole stated that he has been speaking to a doctor in Utah about getting more testing kits, one thing that Missouri is struggling with right now. According to Remole, the testing kits can render a result in roughly 10 minutes and have a 95% accuracy. The 6th District Representative also emphasized that the Governor is working on getting more equipment to hospitals and other health care facilities that are in need. With GM and Ford now manufacturing equipment, specifically ventilators, Remole stated we should see an increase of equipment needed.

When asked about stay-at-home orders and if Missouri is doing enough to slow the spread of the virus. Representative Remole included that at this time, he believes we should continue focusing on social distancing and the messaging that goes along with that. The Governor has given a lot of local control in deciding whether or not to implement a stay-at-home order, but has held off on a statewide stay-at-home order. Remole believes that stay-at-home orders are a very serious measure especially with every county being different and the impacts an order as such would have on rural communities. "There are a lot of cases that are getting better. Missouri is getting the message out," stated Mr. Remole. He also included that everyone needs to take this virus very seriously and for those that are vulnerable, to stay home.

With businesses closing their doors during this time, Remole emphasized the importance of unemployment benefits from the state. "If you need financial assitance and your employment has been impacted by this virus, apply and try to get help. Be persistent and if you need any help or have any questions regarding this, please reach out to my office," stated Representative Remole. The Representative is also curious how the recent stimulus package passed by the federal government will impact local constitutions, health care facilities, and the state government. "These are uncharted waters" he added.

Toward the end, Remole included the importance of prayer. "Prayer groups are important. Praying for the doctors and nurses. It can be a stressful time, but prayer can help." He went on to say that this is an opportunity to turn to prayer and our churches for wisdom.

"My wife is on the front-lines. I understand everyone's concerns and we are living it. I can’t thank them enough (medical professionals) and appreciate what they are doing. I hope people respect them as well. Thank a nurse. Thank a doctor. Thank a paramedic. They are putting their health at risk. They are showing courage and strength," stated Remole.

Headline picture taken by Benjamin Peters of the Missouri Times