CCDC of Macon Recognition of Excellence

August 20, 2019

Community Child Development Center of Macon achieved recognition of excellence through Missouri Accreditation on June 23, 2019. This distinguishes it as an exemplary program offering high quality programming to children from birth to age five. This Missouri Center for Accreditation recognizes exemplary programs offering high quality programming to children. The center had to meet 63 criteria in the areas of children's relationships and interactions, physical environment, programming and curriculum, family connections and administration. the certificate is granted to quality programs that offer developmentally appropriate experiences in an environment conducive to children flourishing intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. There are approximately 600 other accredited programs in Missouri. the accreditation directory, which serves as a useful guide to parents seeking a high quality program for their children, may be viewed at Macon County is fortunate to have a program such as Community Child Development Center available to serve its families. For more information about the center, please contact Mary Linear at 660-395-0134 ext. 11 or visit their website at