Local Tax Proposals back on the August Ballot


(MACON, MO) The proposed "Use Tax" (Internet Sales Tax) and the Loch Haven Nursing Home Tax (Macon County Nursing Home District) are back on the ballot for the August Election (2019). Both taxes failed in the 2019 April General Municipal Election. The Macon City Use Tax failed by 79 votes while the Nursing Home District Tax failed by a little over 200 votes. Both tax proposals are the same as they were when they ran in April. The City Use Tax is a proposed 2.25% sales tax for internet purchases that will bring roughly $68,000 dollars into the Macon Community and the Nursing Home Tax is a proposed $0.20 increase per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. Those living within the City of Macon will get to vote on the Use Tax and those living within the Macon County Nursing Home District will get to vote on the Nursing Home Tax. The election is August 6th, 2019.

*The Home Press will be working with both groups for the duration of the summer to make sure as much information is presented to the public

To view the articles of both tax proposals from April 2019, follow the links below.

MACON CITY USE TAX: https://www.maconhomepress.com/articles/2405/view

MACON COUNTY NURSING HOME DISTRICT TAX: https://www.maconhomepress.com/articles/2403/view

*In the article picture, the ballot language featured is from April 2019