Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has cancelled an expected visit to Macon, Missouri on Friday January 19th, 2018. Shortly after his State of the State Address on January 11th, KMOV out of St. Louis reported on the Governor's infidelity with a unnamed woman at the beginning of his campaign, when he was preaching family values and criticizing "Jefferson City Corruption." Audio released by the ex-husband of the unnamed woman claimed the Governor blackmailed her. Shortly after several statements were released. The Governor admitted to the affair, but denied all claims of blackmail; furthermore, the Greitens family stated that they have moved on and would like to ask for forgiveness from the public. Many state officials are asking the Governor to step down; some even say if he can't contain the bleeding, that resignation needs to be an option. A St. Louis Prosecutor has opened an investigation into the Governor. Since then, the Governor has kept a low profile, making calls to mollify state officials, donors, and cabinet members.

Governor Greitens has cancelled his upcoming announcements in Macon and Palmyra. Asked about the Governor's visit to Macon, Press Secretary Parker Briden responded, "The Governor is committed to rolling out his plan to cut taxes for working families and will lay out his principles for tax reform this week. The tour to promote the plan is being rescheduled. We will not be in Macon on Friday." Governor Greitens was expected to announce something "big," which now is clearly evident, tax cuts was the announcement.

Please check back for rescheduled dates.

*Picture from The Kansas City Star